Birth Data Linkage Project - Stage 1

This page describes the first stage of the City University Birth Data Linkage Project.

Stage 1: Linkage of birth registration data with the NHS Numbers for Babies (NN4B) dataset

Paper 1

Hilder L, Moser K, Dattani N and Macfarlane A (2007). Pilot linkage of NHS Numbers for Babies data with birth registrations. Health Statistics Quarterly 2007; 33: 25-33 External link:

Paper 2

Moser K, Macfarlane A, Chow YH, Hilder L, Dattani N (2007). Introducing new data on gestation-specific infant mortality among babies born in 2005 in England and Wales. Health Statistics Quarterly 2007; 35: 13-27.
Supplementary data

Paper 3

Moser K and Hilder L (2008). Assessing quality of NHS Numbers for Babies data and providing gestational age statistics. Health Statistics Quarterly 2008; 37: 15–23.

Paper 4

Moser K, Stanfield KM and Leon DA (2008).  Birthweight and gestational age by ethnic group, England and Wales 2005: introducing new data on births. Health Statistics Quarterly 2008; 39: 22-31 

Paper 5

Oakley L, Maconochie N, Doyle P, Dattani N, Moser K (2009). Multivariate analysis of infant death in England and Wales in 2005-06, with focus on socio-economic status and deprivation.  Health Statistics Quarterly 2009; 42: 22-39

Paper 6

Moser K (2009). Gestation-specific infant mortality by social and biological factors among babies born in England and Wales in 2006 Health Statistics Quarterly 2009; 42: 78-87

Paper 7

Messer J (2011) An analysis of the socio-demographic characteristics of sole registered births and infant deaths. Health Statistics Quarterly 2011; 50: 1-23

Stage 2 publications