The Which Birth Choice Project

BirthChoiceUK has teamed up with the consumer group Which? to launch Which? Birth Choice, a brand new website to help women choose where to give birth.

Which? Birth Choice is a free website, produced in partnership with BirthChoiceUK and supported by the Royal College of Midwives, to give expectant mothers all the information they need to know in one place so they can plan the birth they want. It brings together all the facts about local maternity units and birth centres, and provides women with personalised results based on their preferences and circumstances. See the Which? Press Release about the launch of the Which? Birth Choice website.

BirthChoiceUK was involved in product development and the creation of content. Statistics for maternity unit pages based on routinely collected maternity data for the four countries of the UK are supplied to Which? Birth Choice by the data processing arm of BirthChoiceUK, Rod Gibson Associates Ltd. Most of the detail can be found on the All about birth statistics page of the Which? Birth Choice website. Further technical details are given below.

Analysing HES records for England

Small numbers policy